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Publication Date: 18 Sep 2012
Format: Paperback
Series: Lifebuilder Bible Study Guides
Publisher: IVP
Page Count: 64
Author: Douglas Connelly
ISBN-13: 9781844277254

Names of God (Lifebuilder Study Guides)

Glimpses of His Character
By Douglas Connelly
ISBN: 9781844277254
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The God who revealed himself to Moses and to Abraham is the same God we relate to today. We have come to know him as God the Father and as Jesus the Saviour and as the Spirit of holiness—but he is also the LORD Almighty and the God who provides.

As you study some of the key names of God, be prepared to have your heart and mind stirred as you explore God’s nature in greater depth — to have your life and worship changed by these encounters with the living God!
About the Author
Douglas Connelly (M.Div. and M.Th., Grace Theological Seminary) is senior pastor at Parkside Community Church in Sterling Heights, Michigan. A prolific writer and popular speaker, Connelly has written several books and Bible study guides, including Angels Around Us (IVP) which has over 100,000 copies in print.

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