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Publication Date: 18 Sep 2009
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Apollos
Page Count: 265
Author: Colin G Kruse
ISBN-13: 9780851117768

The Letters of John

By Colin G Kruse
ISBN: 9780851117768
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Though The Letters of John appear to be among the simplest books in the New Testament, beneath their superficial simplicity lies a minefield of complexities that have generated difficult debates among Christians over the centuries. This commentary by Colin Kruse provides an excellent exposition of John's letters for teachers and pastors working at all levels of Christian ministry; at the same time it offers students and general readers clear insight into the meaning of these Scriptures for the contemporary Christian life.
In his treatment of introductory matters related to 1, 2 and 3 John, Kruse discusses the historical context out of which these letters arose - the crisis of secession within the Johannine community - and explores the questions of authorship, audience, purpose, genre and theological themes. He then provides verse-by-verse commentary on each letter, delving in depth into what John teaches about such key Christian doctrines as the humanity of Jesus, the atonement, the role of the Spirit, Christian assurance, the meaning of koinonia, and eternal life. This highly relevant study brings readers to the central message of John's exhortations - the importance of holding fast to the gospel of Christ and obeying his command to love one another.

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