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Publication Date: 19 Jun 2015
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Apollos
Page Count: 792
Author: James R Edwards
ISBN-13: 9781783592685

The Gospel According to Luke

By James R Edwards
ISBN: 9781783592685
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This new Pillar commentary devotes attention throughout to the vocabulary, historical background, special themes, and narrative purpose that make the book of Luke unique among the four Gospels.
Though the Gentile focus of Luke is often held to be primary, James Edwards counterbalances that by citing numerous evidences of Luke's overarching interest in depicting Jesus as the fulfillment of the providential work of God in the history of Israel, and he considers the possibility that Luke himself was a Jew. Edwards also draws out other important thematic issues in excursuses scattered throughout the commentary, including discussion of Luke's infancy narrative, the mission of Jesus as the way of salvation, and Luke's depiction of the universal scope of the gospel.
This readable, relevant commentary attends to the linguistic, historical, literary, and theological elements of Luke that are essential to its meaning and considers Luke's significance for the church and the life of faith today.
About the Author
James R. Edwards is Bruner-Welch Professor of Theology at Whitworth University, Spokane, Washington. His book 'Is Jesus the Only Savior?' won the Christianity Today 2006 Book Award for Apologetics/Evangelism.
Press Reviews

This new book is a fine addition to the excellent Pillar collection ... The chief virtue of this commentary is its sheer readability. Whilst Edwards does not dodge the technical questions, neither do these dominate the book. Rather, this is a very accessible piece of writing that will be profitable for anyone wanting to gain a greater understanding of Luke... our understanding of Luke’s portrait of Jesus is enhanced and we are given fresh perspectives to explore.

- David Luke

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