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Publication Date: 15 Feb 1991
Format: Hardback
Publisher: Apollos
Page Count: 728
Author: Don A Carson
ISBN-13: 9780851117492

The Gospel According To John

By Don A Carson
ISBN: 9780851117492
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"Anyone who dares to write yet another commentary on the Gospel of John must give reasons for doing so," writes Don Carson in his preface to this book.
With this acclaimed volume in the Pillar New Testament Commentary series, Carson seeks above all to explain the text of John's Gospel to those who minister the Word of God to others, either by preaching or by leading Bible studies. However, the commentary is also designed for used by informed laypersons for purposes of personal edification.
Throughout his commentary Carson attempts the following: to make clear the flow of the text, focusing on the movement of thought rather than on word studies and Greek syntax; to engage a small but representative part of the massive secondary literature on John, providing a kind of map of contemporary studies on this Gospel; to draw a few lines toward establishing how John's Gospel contributes to biblical and systematic theology; and, finally, to offer a consistent exposition of John as an evangelistic Gospel.
Preceded by a comprehensive introduction treating such matters as the authenticity, authorship, purpose and structure of the Gospel, this commentary on John exhibits the solid evangelical Scripture exposition for which Carson is well known and respected.

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