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Dig Deeper

Dig Deeper Course

  • Younger Christians know The Bible is important but don’t know how to study it.
  • Many people under thirty don’t have the habit of daily Bible reading.
  • We may have reached a tipping point where young people don’t have a relationship with The Bible.
  • Daily reading notes can become repetitive over time.
  • People need equipping with tools to be able to explore scripture for themselves.

Providing the tools to mine the Bible's Treasures

Create an eight-week video course around Dig Deeper, following a model we have used for God’s Big Picture which had 50,000 video views in the first few months (see

Include a video summary of two of the tools hosted (subject to contract) by the authors, and a Bible study in which users would test out using the tools for themselves.

Make the course available free online as well as on DVD with supporting course materials available for download as printable PDFs.

We would expect 100,000 views in year one.

That's where your help comes in

In order for this project to become reality, IVP needs to reach these funding goals:

  • £2,000 will enable us to translate the course into one language
  • £15,000 will fund the making of the DVD course

Imagine every Christian with the tools to mine the Bible’s treasures for themselves