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Publication Date: 17 Dec 2012
Format: eBook
Publisher: IVP
Author: Alister McGrath
ISBN-13: 9781844746897

Doubt in Perspective

By Alister McGrath
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Lord I believe! Help my unbelief!' (Mark 9:24) perfectly captures the anxiety of many Christians. They have discovered in Jesus Christ something far more wonderful than they had ever dared to hope for. God seemed very close in their early days of faith. Yet nagging doubts persist.
'Doubt in Perspective' addresses specific doubts that Christians experience, particularly within our postmodern culture. The account of the origins of doubt will help us to understand why they continue to trouble so many people. McGrath's perceptive account of the origins of doubt will help many to understand why they continue to trouble so many people. His powerful argument that all world-views, including atheism, ultimately involve unprovable beliefs is of especial importance in understanding doubt as a universal problem, not limited to Christians.
Arguing that doubt can be seen positively, as an invitation to grow in faith and understanding, the author moves on to deal with common doubts, including doubts about the gospel, God and Jesus Christ. In each case he offers helpful and persuasive responses, from both a pastoral and theological perspective.
This sensitive and accessible book is written in an engaging style, with many helpful, practical suggestions. Authored by a former atheist who is now one of Christianity's leading writers, it is a vital resource for any Christian plagued by doubt or wanting to help doubting friends.

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