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  1. National Read A Book Day

    6 September is National Read A Book Day.

    Richard Harries, author of Haunted by Christ, blogs for us about the importance of reading and the effect that literature can have on our perspective, how we see ourselves and the world.

  2. My Day on the Shop Floor

    16 – 23 June is Independent Bookshop Week – and we’re participating!

    Over the course of this week, we’ll be sharing content about our favourite independent bookshops.

    To start off the week, our Commercial Director Alexandra McDonald blogs about the one – one! – shift she worked in a bookshop.

    Alexandra is a publishing trade die-hard who oversees sales, marketing, publicity, licensing, audio, ebooks, direct to consumer activity, export, distribution logistics, the Diffusion Prison Literacy programme and a couple of other things for SPCK. If she had spare time, she would like to spend it reading, yoga-ing and golfing but usually ends up spending most of it at the wheel of Mum's Taxi. You can follow her on Twitter at @alexmack2004.

  3. SPCK's work for International Day of Charity

    Today is the International Day of Charity.

    Charities have received a bad press in recent years: the safeguarding scandal at Oxfam, the collapse of Kids Company and the hassling of the poppy seller Olive Cooke are but three examples. Sadly, the UK’s 165,000 small charities are suffering because of the cynicism created by the actions of a few of the big players in the sector.

  4. SPCK Assemblies are perfect for teachers on World Teachers' Day

    SPCK Assemblies are a great resource for teachers to use with their students.

    We chatted with Rebecca Parkinson about the assemblies she's been working on.

    Happy #WorldTeachersDay.

  5. A Chat with Stephen Tyers

    Today is #EuropeanDayofLanguages. In the lead up to Frankfurt Book Fair, we chatted with our Rights Executive Stephen Tyres about his work handling rights with our partner publishers in other countries. SPCK has international partners in Turkey, Spain, France, Finland, Poland, Hungary, and Germany, among many others. 

  6. A Revolution in Your Head? How social prescribing could change the world

    Emma Drew, author of The Whole Person Recovery Handbook, is on our blog for World Cerebral Palsy Day.

    The language we use to talk about diagnoses and conditions has a profound effect on the treatment of it. 

    How can social prescribing help result in better outcomes, ones that look at health in a way that’s more holistic?

  7. What Not To Say To People Who Have Depression

    We all wish we could help our friends and family who are hurting. Sometimes, the things we say to try to comfort them can actually do more harm than good. Rachael Newham, author of Learning To Breathe, considers what we should and shouldn’t say when speaking to someone who has depression.

  8. Making the most of your travels

    Traveling takes on a different meaning when we put God at the centre of our journey. Peter Grier blogs about travel experience. 

  9. 5 Questions for Sarah Meyrick

    Sarah Meyrick studied Classics at Cambridge and Social Anthropology at Oxford, which gave her a fascination for the stories people tell and the worlds they inhabit. She has worked variously as a journalist, editor and PR professional. She is the Director of the Bloxham Festival of Faith and Literature which is a small literary festival that takes place biennially in north Oxfordshire. She lives in Northamptonshire with her husband and has two grown up children.

    On #ReadABookDay, we chat with her about writing, reading, and what’s next for her as an author.

  10. International Friendship Day - A Chat with Alexa Tewkesbury

    Alexa is an author, editor and proofreader who has been writing extensively for children since 2002. Three picture books for SPCK Publishing, Noah and his Ark, Daniel in the Lions’ Den and Jonah and the Whale, were released in 2017. As well as children’s books, Alexa has also written the screenplays for the animation, It’s A Boy!, and for the film, My Month With Mrs Potter (MonkeyDribble Films), which won a Driver Award for Best Feature at the Coventry International Film Festival in 2016. Here, she chats with us about writing, the importance of friendship, and what she looks forward to as an author.

  11. What's it like to be a book publicist?

    Rhoda Hardie is a freelance publicist and PR manager, based in Oxfordshire, who works mainly but not exclusively in book publishing. Prior to going freelance, Rhoda worked in marketing/PR roles at Oxford University Press, Oxfam Publishing and Lion Hudson plc. She can be contacted at and you can follow her on Twitter at @rhodapr2013. Here, we chatted with her about her role as a publicist and the work she's currently on Mad or God? by Pablo Martinez and Andrew Sims, which we will publish on 19 July. 

  12. 6 Questions for John Bowker

    We chatted with John Bowker recently about his new book Religion Hurts, which publishes 18 October. 

  13. Independent Bookshops: more than just tea and cake

    We spoke with Ali, Team Leader at Quench Christian Bookshop Wokingham, and Head of Retail for both the Wokingham and Maidenhead shops, about her experience with running a bookshop.

  14. Be kind to yourself

    We all struggle. We all hurt. We all fail. We all make mistakes.

    What matters is how we respond when we face difficulty and adversity. 

  15. When doodles become designs -- illustrations for Out of the Silence by Terry Waite

    Terry Waite’s Out of the Silence was illustrated by his friend Jenny Coles. One simple drawing led to her drawing all of the pictures in his book. Here, she discusses how that evolved and what the process was like.

  16. A different way to engage with the Bible

    Philip Law is Publishing Director at SPCK. His previous books include A Time to Pray (Lion, 2002), The Story of the Christ (Continuum, 2006) and The SPCK Book of Christian Prayer (SPCK, 2009). Here, he discusses The One Hour Bible, our new book that he compiled and edited himself.

  17. A Chat with Cole Moreton

    Today is National Maritime Day. Cole Moreton’s forthcoming book The Light Keeper is set in London and The South Downs. Here, he chats with us about his writing and the setting of his new story. 

  18. 5 Minutes With Tim Chester

  19. Catching up with Catherine Campbell after CRT 2018

    Catherine Campbell recently presented at Christian Resources Together. Here, we catch up with her about her time at the event and her hopes for the future.  

  20. 5 Questions For Elaine Storkey

    Elaine Storkey, author of Scars Across Humanity, will present at this year’s Keswick Convention. We chatted to her about writing, books, activism.  

  21. A Chat with Anthony Kenny

    Anthony Kenny is on our blog today discussing his new book Brief Encounters. He will be at Church House Bookshop on 17 October with Richard Harries. Details here.  

  22. My greatest act of teenage rebellion

    At one point or another, we all rebel. It might not be particularly dramatic or explosive, but it’s something we all go through. Peter Grier chats with us about his form of rebellion, which is especially funny when considering that he’s just written a book!

  23. Living a Heroic Life

    Summer is often the time we wish for throughout the year and, if especially if you have kids, can’t wait to get away for some rest and relaxation. How do you spend your summers? Do you use it to jet off to the beach? Maybe you spend time at home with family and a barbeque. Maybe you take your children on an adventure. Before the summer comes to a close, we would like to introduce you to an adventure of a lifetime. (And it might even take a lifetime to complete). We’d like take you on a journey of a self-discovery with the greatest reward you could wish for, the hero’s journey.

    Based on what Joseph Campbell calls ‘the monomyth of the hero’, Richard Rohr gives us a tour of the hero’s journey in our book club feature Falling Upward. This journey is vital in building up a character to who we now know them to be. Breaking the journey down into five stages, Rohr uses this template to illustrate how the heroes of old achieved their successes. In this post, we will take a look at each stage of the hero’s journey and how we can apply them to our own lives.

  24. The Journey To Christian Resources Together (CRT)

    Catherine Campbell is the author of Journey With Me and others. Here, she chats with us about the preparation and journey to CRT.

  25. In our era of fake news, we need MORE > Truth

    We chatted with Kristi Mair, author of MORE > Truth, about writing, philosophy, living as a Christian, and our relationship to information in our current political climate. 

  26. The Search for Spirituality

    Richard Rohr’s highly anticipated book, Just This, will be available in June.

  27. 5 minutes with Kate Bowler

    We stole 5 minutes of Kate Bowler's time to find out more about the story behind her new book Everything Happens for a Reason and Other Lies I've Loved.

  28. What does it mean to die well?

    John Wyatt is Emeritus Professor of Neonatal Paediatrics at University College London. He is the author of Matters of Life & Death and Right to Die? Ahead of the release of his new book Dying Well, he discusses how we experience loss.