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Publication Date: 19 Feb 2016
Format: Paperback
Publisher: IVP
Page Count: 176
Author: Michael Ots
ISBN-13: 9781783594047

But Is It True?

Honest Responses To 10 Popular Objections To The Christian Faith
By Michael Ots
ISBN: 9781783594047
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Surely faith is irrational? And hasn’t science buried God? Isn’t faith a psychological crutch or sociological construct? Don’t you need evidence? Wasn’t Jesus just another myth? Can we really believe the miracle stories? How do we know that the accounts of Jesus weren’t just made up? Hasn’t the Bible been distorted? Did Jesus really claim to be God? Did the resurrection actually happen? And what has it got to do with us anyway?

The Christian faith may seem attractive, but is it true? … And what if it is true? Could our desires actually be a pointer to the God who really is there and desires to be known by us?
About the Author
Michael Ots was Minister of Evangelism at Lansdowne Baptist Church in Bournemouth for 5 years before becoming a travelling evangelist. He is passionate about sharing his faith through university missions in the UK and outreaches in Eastern Europe.
Press Reviews

Michael Ots’s new book is a worthy successor, in which he serves up all that was best in these titles in the next generation. This book would be ideal for young Christians seeking to be built up in their faith.

- Ben Short, Pastor of Providence Baptist Church, Knaphill, Surrey

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